Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

Our Family (Matt, Mikki and kids Emma—13, Faith—11.5, Ethan—9, Lucas—8 at the end of this month and Liam—4.5) is as busy as ever with pretty much all the same stuff we’ve been doing for the past few years—Church callings, work (Matt’s still Business Dept. Chair now at CGCC and I do a little bit of most everything), violin (Emma, Faith, Luke and Liam’s just started), cello (Ethan), piano lessons (whomever I can get to let me help them on any given day), East Valley Youth Symphony (Faith plays and I serve on the Board), Community Theater (Emma, Faith and Ethan and Luke just finished QCPAC’s production of Willy Wonka Jr.) Choirs EVMCO and CGCC Chamber Choir, traveling (CA, Pinetop and the family lodge at Haigler Creek amongst our favorite locations) and now that winter is upon us, ski/snowboarding trips!!! We are happy and healthy and hope that all of you are as well! We are so grateful for the Gift of our Savior Jesus Christ and hope that we all can give Him the one gift that is only ours to give—OURSELVES. May we be more dedicated to living better, more Christ-like lives this coming year (2010)! You can keep in touch with us and keep up with all our “goings-on” at (My goal is to stay current this year) And please, let us know what you are all up to! We love you all!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year,

Matt, Mikki, Emma, Faith, Ethan, Lucas and Liam Fisher

Cruise March 2009

Crazy idea--let's take the whole fam on one of those quickie 4 day Cruises to Mexico during Spring Break.  Result--lots of fun; little sleep (our family of 7 was placed on a floor with a bunch of partying College kids--and we didn't even get the "cheap seats").  Still, the kids had a great time (slept right through all the noise; only mom was kept awake, I guess) and REALLY want to go on another (the "all you can eat" idea was a big winner with them--ice cream for breakfast???).

Disneyland Jan '09

Disneyland--the Happiest Place on Earth, is DEFINATELY a family favorite.  Here we are at the first of the Year having the time of our lives.  Matt, Emma, Faith and Ethan love all the BIG rides, while Luke (NOT a fan of those) and Mom hang out with Liam on the "kiddie" rides.  There's definately something for everyone at Disneyland

Snow Fun in Pine Top with the Allred Clan

A great time was had by all as most of the Allred clan headed up to Pine Top, AZ for some SNOW FUN! Some skied or snowboarded, others scrapbooked, read or just played in the snow. We all had a great time and hope to to it again--definately!  Sadly, I felt lousy and after just one day of skiing, took the rest of the time to rest, relax and no pics, really.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fisher Family Photo Shoot--Fall/Winter 2008

Bunch of pics from the Fisher Family Photo Shoot (courageously accomplished by our friend, Stephanie Foster). I guess our kids are still too young to all look at the camera at the same time, even Mom's guilty--can you say "perma-grin?" I think the candids are the best--they're the most true to what my kids are REALLY like, SILLY! Some of you may not even know what Liam (most often called by his nickname, Bubba--his REAL name, if you ask him) looks like since the last 3 Christmas card pics have him looking off into, well, anywhere but straight aheadish. So, here ya go!